Alloy Wheel Insurance – Is it worth your money?

Insurance, at the base of it, can be a very simple concept to describe. If you have an item that’s too expensive for you to fix when it gets damaged, you can just buy insurance instead. This way, you just pay minimal premiums each month. If the item breaks, then the insurance company pays for the repairs. This is basically the same general idea for alloy wheel insurance.

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What is Alloy Wheel Damage Insurance?

The best way to explain this is to cite a hypothetical example. So for example, you have a kind of alloy wheel in your tyre. You then proceed to buy insurance for it, making sure that the policy covers the kind of alloy wheel you have. So you then pay a premium to the insurance company each month for the alloy wheel insurance cover.

Then one day, you’re parking your car and then you accidentally hit the kerb with the alloy wheel while you’re parking and going in reverse. The alloy wheel rim has been damaged, and it’s no longer as nice-looking as it was before.

But then you remember that you have alloy wheel repair insurance. You refer to the policy and you confirm that the damage is indeed covered by the terms of the policy. So you call it in to the insurance company, and they give you further directions. So you take a picture of the damage with your smartphone and then email the pic to the insurance company. They take a look and then say that it does appear to be a valid claim. (For the cynics out there complaining that these insurance people don’t always agree to this, relax; this is hypothetical, remember?)

So according to the policy, you need to pay £15 excess fee first. This fee would be returned to you if the repair doesn’t happen. Then the insurance company contacts their approved alloy wheel repair team and arranges for them to call you for the most convenient time and place for them to come to you to repair the damage.

The repair team then comes in at the appointed place, day, and time. They then assess the damage and then call the insurance company claims team to say that the repair is indeed valid and that they can repair the damage. They do the repair, and you end up with your nice-looking alloy wheel back. What could have been a repair bill of several hundred pounds has been reduced to merely £15.

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How Do You Pick Your Insurance Company?

One of the more effective ways of choosing the right insurance company is to ask around among your friends and family to see if any of them also have alloy wheel insurance. If some of them have this kind of policy, find out all the details you can about the insurance company.

You’ll need to ask them a lot of different questions, but the most important questions you need to ask them are about how they act when you make a claim. Are they professional about it, or have they been uncooperative when a claim is made? Other questions can be researched, but these are real first-hand accounts of how an insurance company really behaves when faced with valid claims.

Still, you may not know anyone with this kind of insurance. In which case, you need to find at least 3 reputable insurance companies that offer the kind of alloy wheel insurance cover you need.

  • Get an alloy wheel insurance quote from at least 3 different insurance companies. Obviously, the lower the quote, the better it is for you.
  • See if you can live with the other details. The policy usually describes in details the kind of damage the insurance company will or will not cover. They may not cover malicious damage by vandals, or if you make a mistake in cleaning your alloy wheels. There’s usually a limit to the cost of repairs for each claim or for each year. There may be an alloy wheels insurance increase in the premium when you make a valid claim.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Insurance

Find out if the company does indeed cover the kind of alloy wheel you have. For example, you may be tempted to get the official BMW alloy wheel insurance offered by the carmaker because it applies to the new BMW you built. But you can’t replace the standard alloy wheel on the car with a diamond cut alloy wheel, because their policy specifically states that they don’t offer diamond cut alloy wheel insurance. They also don’t cover split rim, multi-piece, polished, chrome-finished, and liquid black-finished alloy wheels.

Are You Eligible For Alloy Wheel Insurance?

Tyre and Alloy Insurance

In some cases, you may want to get alloy and tyre insurance together in one package. The alloy wheel and tyre protection insurance covers cases when you may get a puncture and your alloy wheel gets damaged in the process. With tyre and alloy wheel insurance you can get to use your insurance policy for more situations.

However, not all insurance companies offer tyre alloy wheel insurance together. You may have to purchase alloy wheel and tyre insurance separately. You have to just get Audi alloy wheel insurance instead of a more comprehensive Audi tyre and alloy insurance.

So what benefits do you get when you buy alloy wheel insurance?


  • You won’t have to pay for the full cost of repairs to fix the damage to your alloy wheels.
  • Your insurance company picks a qualified repair team for your alloy wheel.
  • This really helps if you’re a poor driver who doesn’t know how to park, or if you’re a frequent victim of supermarket trolleys.
  • You won’t have to bother your main insurance company and lose your no-claims bonus. You won’t have to risk a higher premium because of a claim either.


  • It’s an additional cost to keep your car.
  • You have to be very careful that you can live with the restrictions in the policy.
  • Your main insurance company may still require you to notify them if you have this type of alloy wheel insurance. Do alloy wheels affect insurance? That may be the case for your situation.


So is it worth it? That depends on many factors. If you can live with the premium and the restrictions, if the insurance company makes good with your valid claims, and if your main car insurance assures you that making claims on this won’t affect your main car insurance premiums, then alloy wheel insurance can be a very good option for you.

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If you love your alloys enough to insure them it may be worth reading about the best alloy wheel cleaner to keep them shining.

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