Best Car Batteries of 2018

Stranded in the driveway with constant clicking without ignition? Well, the frustrating sound of silence and insulting despair that hangs around your air is not strange to all. The main cause may be a dead or a faulty battery. No matter the cause, you will require a new car battery. A car battery is a lifeline and framework of your vehicle thus you need to purchase a battery that will increase efficiency and performance. Browse through the guide below to select the best automotive batteries 2018.

  1. XS POWER D3400

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The XS D3400 is the best budget-friendly option when considering AMG batteries. It has absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology which prevents any leakage.

It stands out as the best alternative among the most expensive batteries out there. The experts have credited it some bonuses claiming to last for more than ten years without any faults. Normal car batteries are changed after every three or five years.

The battery has vibration resistant seal and regulated by a valve thus ideal for rough terrain trucks and other cars. The performance and output level offers more than you could bargain for.

It powers heavy power accessories such as audio systems and customized amplifiers efficiently. It offers several cranking cycles thanks to the 1000 CA.

I highly recommend XS POWER D3400 to trucks, boats, and SUV automotives.

Key Features

  • Has vibration resistant seal
  • It’s valve regulated
  • 10 years of service
  • Uses Absorbed Glass Mat Technology



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This is one of the best rated automotive batteries in the market. The specifications and features are impressive for any driver. It is 100% leak and spill proof thanks to its AGM technology.

It can be used for different purposes thus highly loved by experienced customers thanks to its steady performance. The performance and cycle life of this battery is boosted by silver calcium.

The positive grid calcium lead gives it a good low resistant. The ACDELCO 78AGM has 4 times longevity when compared to the manufacturer’s battery. The ACDELCO brand has been consistent in the market to close the gap and many users have made it a top choice.

Key Features

  • No maintenance
  • Durable
  • Fair price tag
  • AGM technology
  1. Optima 8025-160 Redtop

Best car batteries

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Optima is the best battery for a car and a leading brand in the hardware industry. It has sturdy and attractive framework build compatible with all cars.

It is designed to fit all models of vehicles thus a one-stop solution for all commercial and domestic purposes. The body has metallic features shielded by a plastic.

It is made of lead thus 100 % leak proof and spark resistant. Reverse polarity is prevented by the lead construction thus sufficient flow of acid in cells.

With consistent power supply, Optima can be used anywhere due to its portability thanks to AC adapter and 12 AMP cord. It has higher CCA rating of 720 than other auto battery ratings.

The battery enables you to stop at a safer place in case power break down all credits to its 90-minute reverse capacity.

Key Features

  • Impressive CCA rating
  • Lead construction with plastic insulation
  • Ideal for freezing regions
  • Steady power supply
  1. Optima YellowTop 8040-218 D35


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From common Sedans, heavy-duty sports cars, to lucrative Mercedes, Optima YellowTop is the perfect fit. The vehicle power performance is boosted impressively.

It has a 650 cold cranking capacity rating which is a high CCA. It provides consistent power even in the coldest areas. The 98-minute reverse capacity says it all why you should put it into consideration.

You don’t have to be caught stranded in the middle of nowhere when your motor jams since this battery of 2018 will help to keep the ignition powered to enable you to reach the nearest destination.

It has plastic insulation and aluminum casing with fiber framework to keep it leakage free. To replace water, use a battery sealer and an anti-corrosive fiber washer.

Key Features

  • No worrying about emergency situations due to 98-minute reverse capacity
  • Performs even below zero degrees Celsius
  • Has commercial grade build
  • Compatible with all cars
  1. Odyssey PC680

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The battery is easily affordable, and the performance is far way better for the price. It has two years warranty and longevity of three to ten years. It is vibration resistant and longer cycles. The faster recharge has no limitation thanks to its design performance. Of all deep cycle auto batteries, PC680 has 70% longevity with very stable voltage. Common shortcomings such as dim lighting are not experienced. It is highly resistant to mechanical vibrations when used in rough terrains, and no leakage can be experienced due to its outstanding construction design. Worrying about climate changes? This battery has a wide range of temperature, and it’s tolerant to extremely low temperatures. Temperature is a critical factor to consider when purchasing a car battery.

Key Features

  • Attractive warranty
  • Very affordable
  • Tolerant of extreme climate
  • Durable
  1. Cartman 12v Car Battery


best battery for cars


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Cartman is a big brand name that can be grouped with Exide and Philips. The battery has LED display to show charging levels and battery percentage. It also has lead construction paired with a metallic framework. There are buttons and enough light to monitor battery from the consoles found on the left side of frames. Monitoring is ideal and effective during renewals and small repairs. Reaching safe area to pull over is a cinch thanks to its reserve capacity backup. This is mainly helpful when you encounter battery breakdown or faults along the journey. The frustrating instances of sudden power cuts are noticed early from the console indicator. When charging, the green light from the charger indicates the battery is fully charged.

Key Features

  • Framework construction is exclusive
  • LED display for indicating technicalities
  • High CCA rating and reverse capacity
  1. Bosch Platinum Battery


car battery best

Bosch auto battery is a product of German Electronic and Engineering Company with a global reputation in the industry. The company’s reputation for producing reliable and quality automotive parts has continued to flourish with the Bosch Platinum battery that comes with high performance and attractive warranty replacement of four years. It has 720 CCA rating, more than enough and two times more life than conventional batteries. With 160 minute reverse capacity, be rest assured to reach home safely no matter what. It is a tough battery to pass up since it exceeds the OE specifications of a vehicle to remain functional in extreme temperatures. Paired up with the AGM technology, this is the best Bosch battery review 2018.

Key Features

  • Attractive warranty
  • A high reverse capacity of 160 min
  • Best Cold Cranking Amps
  1. Odyssey Extreme Battery- PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery

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There is more than just charge in the small packages of odyssey battery cells. The battery has a 330 CCA rating for advanced performance and up to 70% longer cycle life. It is made of pure virgin lead plates. This gives it a twice power the normal batteries. It is vibration resistant and allows faster charging. It has amazing deep cycling capabilities and outstanding performance for everyday vehicles. It is one of the best car batteries 2018 for antique and classy cars, 4×4 wheel drive, trucks, high performance, and modified models. The AGM technology helps eliminate high conductivity and acid spills. The construction design seals the components permanently enabling internal recycling of gases with self-regulating relief valve.

Key Features

  • High efficiency
  • Compatible with all models of cars
  • Longer cycle life
  1. AC Delco 94AGM-Best Rated Auto Battery

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This battery has a different setup where the oppositely charged cells are clubbed together inside the cell. This increases the battery durability and efficient acid flow. The high-density negative plate is located next to the vacuum lead current grid to lower resistance and create strong connection. It has an impressive framework of silver alloy. It has a vent opening to flush out heat and cool the battery. All these features highly contribute to its amazing performance.

Key Features

  • Has unique framework and design-build
  • Has protective grid of silver alloy
  • Vent gap for heat regulation
  • Spill and rust proof


  1. UPG 85980/D722 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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UPG is more than a car battery. I have reviewed it for its multipurpose functionality and nothing else. It can be used in equipment, exit lights, flashlights, and UPS backup system. It is portable for use in mobile services like medical camps. It also has a solar power charging option which earns it more credits. It has a robust construction with high CCA for performance. Has a solid fibrous case cover for heat and water leakage insulation. This is the best battery so far regarding usage and versatility.

Key Features

  • Aggressive performance
  • Efficiently handles the extra pressure
  • Good insulation


Qualities of a Good Car Battery

AGM Technology

AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. This technology involves holding electrolyte in glass mat separators between the lead plates. The electrolyte does not, therefore, flow freely as the case in standard batteries. This ensures the battery has dry cells and no leakage will occur in case there was a split. The glass mat separators are tightly fixed with the lead plates. All batteries with AGM technology have high reliability, performance, and applications.

Cold Crank Amps (CCA)

CCA indicates how much power a battery can produce when ignited at a zero degree Fahrenheit. Higher CCA rating is a characteristic of a good car battery. When the temperatures are freezing, the engine jams and damages internal parts thus leaving the car dead. High CCA enables your car to support the motor for up to one minute at freezing temperatures until the engine starts running.

Reserve Capacity

The standing power of a vehicle is called reserve capacity. It determines how long the battery can supply minimum voltage in case there is internal damage to the alternator or fan belt failure. This simply means the ability of the battery to shoulder the responsibility of keeping the car moving in case of severe damage. You should always check the label before purchasing a battery. It is a safety feature that allows you to reach a safer location to pull over in case the car is damaged.


It may seem obvious but very critical. What would you do with a car battery that does not fit to your car? To avoid inconvenience and emotional distress, always read the dimensions, length, height, and width of the battery before, making any purchase.Different cell models come with unique dimensions. Using the wrong battery damages your car over time.

However, you should observe the following maintenance tips to keep your battery safe and with steady performance. Always charge your battery to full before using it. Always leave the battery fully charged before storing it in cool places. Inactivity can affect its performance. Your battery should not be charged continuously or left to go below 80%. These tips will make every battery to have a long cycle life.

Why You Should Purchase the Best Auto Battery

Nothing is satisfying than arriving at daily destinations with your car for years without any power breakdown. Best batteries will give you service for a long time. They are sturdy and durable on the road with no leakages on the road.

They have maximum power and efficiency. The Bosch car batteries, for example, are well known for their hard tolerance batteries to extreme temperatures. This tells you why overall performance is critical when buying best car and truck batteries. Most car batteries are eco-friendly by delivering high electric power at low fuel consumption. Other batteries can be charged through solar power hence reduced air pollution from toxic fuels.

You should buy the best rated and reviewed car batteries to avoid extra cost on maintenance and premature replacement. The above batteries have up to date technology with an impressive framework that does not require regular checks. Once you install these batteries, sit back and drive away relaxed.

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