Best Car Door Speakers

Car speakers allow a person to enjoy music while they are traveling, it is the first thing we recommend upgrading when buying a new car. They make the biggest difference to your driving experience and bring an immediate, noticeable change. 

Many people want high quality speakers that will allow them to listen to their music loud. While standard speakers often come on a car for many they are not good enough. People want to upgrade their speakers so they can listen to the music louder with more clarity. There are some things to look for when choosing new car speakers to get a quality set.

What To Look For When Upgrading Your Car Door Speakers


 Quality is one of the most important things to consider when upgrading car speakers is to find speakers that are high quality. The point of having speakers is to hear high quality sound. If the speakers are poor quality this will not serve the intended purpose. The range is the first thing that a person will want to check. The frequency should be around 20,000 hertz.


 The sensitivity rating of the speakers is also very importation. The sensitivity of the speakers will affect how the speakers sound due to allowing the power supply to reach them. If the stereos is lower powered it is wise to get a set with a high sensitivity rating. Also the speakers should not shift or skip if a person goes over a bump while driving.


 A person needs to decide what type of car speakers that they need when they are looking to upgrade. There are the full range speakers. These speakers are good for people want better sound than the factory speakers but do not need anything top of the line. While the music will sound better there are no additional features that can be customized.

 There are other speaks that are great for those that like customization. Component speakers will deliver high quality sound. In addition to the actual speakers tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers can be added for even more sound. This is great for a person that wants to hear both high sounds as well as a deep base. They may be a little more expensive but are good for people that are looking for advanced sounds in their car.

Vehicle Match 

 Once a person decides that they are looking for in a speaker and may have narrowed their choice down to some specific makes and models they need to make sure they are going to fit into their car. All a person has to do is perform an internet search to see if the size of the speakers will fit. Nothing is worse than getting speakers home and ready to install and it turns out they are not the correct size.


 Handling or power handling will measure the watts that the speaker is putting out. If a person has powerful amps they are going to need a speaker to keep up with them. The speaker should perform at its maximum RMS instead of performing at its speak. RMS will determine how much power the speaker is able to handle when it is being used. For high quality music look for a system that is able to handle 2-60 watt RMS.

Additional Features

 In addition to improve sound there are some other features that people are looking for when they purchase speakers for their car. There are many speakers that will come with additional features for better sounding music. Detachable tweeters can be installed in just about any type of car stereo system. External crossovers will help separate the frequencies in the music and will allow them to come out through the speakers. This will allow the audio to sound much clearer than on the standard speakers. Pivoting tweeters can be moved around in the car until a person finds a positive that is ideal. The standard audio system on a car does not have connections for these speakers.

 These are just some of the thing to look for when purchasing speaks for a home. Many cars come with build in stereo systems. These systems are okay but they may not provide the quality of music that a person is looking for. When a person is a big fan of music and wants to listen to it with the best possible quality they should look to graded their standard audio system in their car. Have a look at our in depth review of Best car Speakers for an in depth analysis of the best models on the market.

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