Best Dog Car Seat Covers

Taking our dog out to the seaside or the lake on a nice day is one of life’s pleasures for me. But when you throw leather seats and three kids into the mix things don’t bode well for me beautiful car.

We all love to take our pets out with us but after time your seats can become tired looking. Dog car seat covers are car seat protectors designed specifically for this purpose so you can take your loveable family pet out without worrying about your car seats.

Dog car seat covers prevent your furry companion from making a mess of your back seats, this cover is exactly what you need. Designed to protect the inside of your vehicle against your pet’s slobber and that nasty moist canine scent from tarnishing your trip. We love our pets. We don’t love the smell so much!

So I have reviewed 5 of the best dog car seat covers (can also be used for kids in most cases, just think: mess protectors)

Dog Car Seat Covers

HopCentury Waterproof Pet Dog Car Back Seat Cover Protector Hammock

dog car seat covers

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This hammock style dog car seat covers also protect your dog from getting injured whilst they’re in the back if you need to break suddenly or take a sharp corner. Furthermore, these dog car seat covers stop your dog falling off the back seat on to the floor and keeps them from jumping into the front seat.

The oxford fabric used in these dog car seat covers is stain resistant, waterproof, anti-hair and easy to clean. With a PVC waterproof coating this car seat protector is highly durable and offers the best quality for your pet. Your seat will be protected from all drool, pee and any other moisture. If your loveable canine gets muddy and then jumps in the car, your car seats are protected and the dog car seat cover can be wiped clean or put in the washing machine.

When ordering through Amazon you get: 1 x Dog car seat covers hammock, 30-day money back & 1-year warranty guarantee and 7 days a week friendly customer service.

Fits all standard vehicles.


  • Thick and durable so scratches will not go through to your seat
  • Stain resistant, waterproof, anti-hair and easy to clean
  • Wipe clean and machine washable
  • Protects your pet from falling off the seat


  • Not absorbent, water sits on top of the material

Front car seat covers for dogs-  Waterproof Front Seat Cover Pet Bucket Seat Cover

dog car seat cover

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If you prefer you’re pet to sit alongside you in the front then this dog car seat cover offers protection for just that. It’s great quality and highly durable, even the biggest dogs would struggle to tear this 600D reinforced oxford cloth.

This dog car seat protector provides maximum comfort with it’s soft and breathable texture so pup can take a snooze in the back whilst you drive to your destination.

This waterproof dog car seat cover protects your seats from liquids such as saliva or urine. It also provides protection from scratching, dirt and dog hair. It is easily wiped down with a dry brush or a wet cloth. Ideal front car seat covers for dogs.

Installation is as easy as they come with just a two step process of quick release straps and an adjustable headrest strap. The rubber backing makes the dog car seat cover non-slip.

The best thing about this dog car seat cover is that it folds into a bag when not in use so can be doubled up as a picnic blanket.


  • 100% waterproof and highly dense material means nothing will dirty your seats again
  • Comes with a specially designed dog seat belt
  • Wipe clean fabric


  • Some reviewers think this product is not suitable for sports seats such as those in a Porsche 911

Back Seat Pet Protector- EdenPetz Car Seat Protector

dog car seat protector

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If you’re looking for something prettier or more eye catching then you might want to look a the Edenpetz dog car seat protector with this nice paw print design.

It has a lovely fleecy surface which may encourage your dog to lie down as it’s so soft, a lovely fleecy back seat pet protector. They will feel lovely and warm and right at home. Best of all, because of the fleecy texture your dog doesn’t slide around when you are driving.

This dog car seat cover is tough and well maid for even the biggest and/or liveliest of dogs. It comes with lots of straps to attach to every kind of seatbelt there is. The cover has seat belt holes so it doesn’t move around the seat.

It is also easy to brush off any dog hair and the base is waterproof, cleans and dries quickly and easily. A highly recommended dog car seat cover.


  • Nice design
  • Waterproof
  • Dog hairs just brush off
  • Easy to clean and dry


  • Shows up dog hairs

Waterproof car seat covers for dogs – Focuspet Rear Seat Protector Durable Waterproof Scratch-proof Car Boot Liner Protector 

dog car seat cover

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This multifunctional non-slip dog car seat cover is a great travelling solution to protect your seats from all manor of life’s messes. Waterproof car seat covers for dogs protect from all manor of things including big dogs with sharp claws and drool, shedding hair, to kids with spilling drinks and muddy shoes, this car seat protector is perfect. Particularly for those with leather seats which do not mix with all the aforementioned lifestyle.

Waterproof and scratch proof, this dog car seat cover has a quilted top layer ensuring your seats are always kept clean in every scenario; wet dogs coming in straight from the lake? Covered. Travel sick kids? Covered.

Made from durable fabric with 600D oxford cloth with PP cotton and slip-proof PVC net.

Installation is quick and easy with quick release clips that attach to the back head rests.

The dog car seat cover has an extra bumper flap that you can extend down when your dog jump in or out of the cargo area. It protects your bumper from claw scratches.

This car seat protector is available in 3 sizes to suit all car models.


  • Can be fitted to the boot or the back seat
  • Protects against every eventuality (scratch proof, water proof…)
  • Soft to sit on


  • Check sizes carefully; one reviewer says she choose the wrong size for her vehicle

XtremeAuto® Protective Dog/Pet Cover Universal Waterproof 2 in 1 Boot Liner Rear Car Back Seat

dog car seat cover

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This tartan dog car seat cover is versatile to go in various points of the interior of the car including the back seats or the boot. The tartan pattern looks good inside your car. It can even be removed and used as a cover or picnic blanket.

It’s made of hard wearing, durable material with a waterproof and anti stain backing, it’s also wipe clean and machine washable.

Reviews indicate that many pets prefer this dog car seat cover to a blanket as it’s cool in warm weather.

Another reviewer commented: “Great size and durability. Being waterproof proved it’s worth when one of my dogs was sick on it; whipped it out, washed it down and let it dry in the sun. Saved the upholstery!
Also big enough to double as a picnic blanket if you want it to be.


  • Versatile so can go on the back seat or in the boot
  • Waterporrf, anti stain resistant and machine washable
  • Nice pattern


  • Thinner than other products



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