Car Performance Improvements

5 Ways To Improve Your Cars Performance

Recently, there has been a great increase in the cost of fuel. The best method to reduce expenditure on fuel consumption is the increment of fuel mileage. This idea of increasing both the car performance and gas mileage might seem conflicting, though it is attainable. If you follow the right procedure, you can easily get this. This however requires some investments at the initial stage. The investment might however require more cash though the results will make a big difference. The following points will help in your fuel mileage.


A pressurecharger is used to pressurize air intake to a level above the atmospheric pressure to allow more air into the car engine. It is then combined with fuel leading to production of more power. The supercharger is mechanically powered by a chain or belt from the crankshaft hence it is able to spin for at least 50,000 RPM which is even faster than the engine making it able to force more air into the combustion chamber. This leads to the creation of more space hence larger combustion. About fifty percent more power is then produced. This will only occur with correct installation of everything. When attached to an engine of a small sized car, the car will be able to perform like a more powerful large car. The best part of this project is that it can be a do yourself project where you simply bolt it to the side or top of the engine then follow the given instructions for a proper installation.

The various types of superchargers include the root supercharges which are the oldest. They are cheap and popular among racing cars. They function best with large air quantities which lead to quick energy bursts. Twin screw supercharges work by pulling air through the lobes. The air is then trapped into a rotor housing and compressed into a pointed device. Centrifugal superchargers use a powered impeller which makes it easily reach around 60,000 RPM which makes them the most efficient.

Air filter Car Performance

The air filters allow more airflow into the engine for an efficient use in the fuel combustion. It will also help in the blocking of impurities and contaminants which slowly degrade its performance. The secondary air filters are mainly made up of a thin cotton layer or any other material which are generally housed between a thin mesh meant to catch the impurities. The aftermarket air filters which are of high quality are just dropped into the engine’s air box which completes its installation other than the standard paper based filters which are availed in the factory. These air filters are made up of fabric hence they are easily washed making them reusable and less expensive.

For a better performance with the use of air filters, open the hood of your car and locate the air filter housing then remove it. Unscrew screws or clamps ensuring that the air filter housing is not contaminated. Remove the manufactures air filter and discard it. Clean the air filter housing with a damp cloth then insert the new air filter. The air filter should facilitate free flow of air.

Cold Air Intake Kit

Car temperature, though considered minor can greatly affect a car’s performance. This is among the aftermarket systems which leads to the provision of more cold air into the internal combustion engine. A car is designed to have a cooling system which regulates the temperature of the air getting into the engine. When cold, the system produces warm air and when hot, the system has the ability to cool the air. The cold air intake kits have been designed to generally offer higher efficiency and performance of the engine. This has been based on the idea that the density of cold air is much more than that of warm air. The high density results from the high amount of combustible gas (oxygen) for a dynamic engine.

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are wheels molded into different designs by the use of a mixture of aluminum and other types of metals. This helps lighten the wheels compared to other steel wheels. They also do not scatter heat faster like the steel wheels. Best quality alloy wheels are less prone to cracks and are stronger. When used with the best alloy wheel cleaner, alloy wheels can add a real swag to your car too.

Due to the light weight nature of an alloy wheel, they are able to reduce the un-sprung weight of the car. This is a clear indicator that alloy wheels reduce the rotating mass of the suspension setup. This improves break response and the steering feel.

A right set of tyres and a pair of alloy wheels generally improve the overall performance of your car. They are also able to improve the car’s fuel efficiency. Such wheels are also rust resistant as compared to the regular wheels. Selection of the best alloy wheel for your car is based on the wheel size, offset, PCD, and the rim width.

Alloy wheel insurance can be expensive but the benefit to the car’s performance is indisputable. Furthermore, when you buy an expensive brand of tyre, you obviously want to make sure you are covredd in the vent of a puncture or a blow out. This post highlights really well the pros and cons of insurance; Car Tyre Insurance – Shoud I Invest?

With both tyres and alloys, the lighter they are the faster they are as compared to the heavier ones. This is based on physics. This solution to better car performance is work intensive as well as low-tech. This involves the substitution of heavy car parts; not only the engine but also other parts such as the wheels with lighter ones for more aerodynamics and making the car light. Other replaceable parts include the extra seats which are not mostly use, use of acrylic or lighter plastic versions of glass windows to make the car light.

Performance Chips

In the late car models, there is a high likelihood of presence of computer regulations on board. These computer programmed devices help control anti-lock brakes, timing and most importantly the air to fuel ratio. These chips help increase the horse power and the engine efficiency. They function by telling the engine when it requires more air or gas for bigger combustion. The installation of this chips entails the removal of the factory chip and the plugging in of the chip in a computer.

The above methods can help increase your car mileage. This has helped me in improving my car performance and can as well help in the improving of the overall efficiency and the performance of your car. The initial cost might be high though the long term benefits are more due to the better horsepower and mileage.















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