Car Polish vs Wax – The Comparison

Car Polish or Car Wax – Which Is Better?

Everybody likes to have a nice looking car. Whether it’s to show off to a girl, or to just have a better car than your boss, everybody likes a good looking car. However, some people get confused about which is better, car wax or car polish. Some people just don’t worry about it and just wash their car. This can lead to below average results. In this informative article, I will look at both car polish and car wax, list the pros and cons of both car wax and car polish, and explain which one is better to use on your car.

What Is Car Polish?

Car polish is very different from car wax. The main point of using a car polish is to strip down the stuck on layers of dirt and dead bugs to basically flatten out the cars surface to give your car a very shiny and polished look. Car polish is a product that helps to eliminate surface scratches, swirls and dirt. Polish helps restore a car’s paintwork if it has lost its shine. Polish, when not water-based, can be more abrasive than car wax and is usually applied with a power polisher or buffer that works to remove a thin layer of the car’s paintwork to settle into scratches and minimise their appearance.

After you have washed your vehicle, run your hand over the car to check for elevated specks or rough spots. If the surface is smooth, you do not need to polish- only wax needs to be applied. If you can feel slight lumps and bumps, the car needs to be polished before applying a car wax.

Wax and polish really go hand in hand. After you put on car polish, your car will be vulnerable to anything that touches it. This is where car wax comes in. A coat of car wax will ensure that your car is protected from any harsh, abrasive substances. So now your car is shiny and protected.

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  • Removes All Dirt
  • Flattens The Car’s Surface
  • Leaves Paintwork Looking Shiny and New
  • Minimises Scratches


  • Leaves The Paintwork Vulnerable

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What Is Car Wax?

First off, I’ll talk about what exactly car wax and car polish is. Car wax is usually made from many different vegetable waxes and animal waxes. These waxes are ideal for waxing a car. The most popular form of wax is carnauba wax because it is insoluble in water, it has a melting point of 86 degrees Celsius, and it has a very nice smooth and long lasting finish. Since it doesn’t dissolve easily in water, then the rain can’t easily strip your car of the wax. This means that you don’t have to worry about all your hard work disappearing. Also, since the melting point is very high, it won’t melt off of your car when it is hot outside. Most waxes also have UV inhibitors that will further protect your car’s paint from fading cause by the sun’s rays. And finally, since it is very smooth and long lasting, you won’t have to wax your car every week.


  • Insoluble In Water Means Unaffected By Rain
  • High Melting Point
  • Protects From UV Rays
  • Long Lasting
  • Smooth Finish


  • Doesn’t Remove Dirt

Car Polish vs Car Wax

So which is better for your car, wax or polish? Wax is mainly used to restore the attractiveness of your car. If you want a beautiful car, just apply a coat of wax, and you have heads turning! Car polishing is mostly used when you have quite a bit of dirt still on your car after you have washed it. This may include bugs, bird poop, water spots, rock chips, scratches, or swirls. If you have any of the things listed above on your car, you should probably polish it. After that, if it looks nice and shiny, you’re done! But if the colour or shininess is still dull, I would recommend applying a layer of wax just to add that extra touch of beautifulness. Car wax also seals the paintwork preventing dirt from getting in for longer.

Car Polish or Car Wax First

When buying a car polish, you need a polish that makes your car look shinier, but doesn’t hurt the surface of your car. One of the best heavy duty car polishes is called Menzerna Car Polish. This car polish can be used with any type of application material. This kind of car polish also has a long working time and can remove anything from wet marks to major paint defects. Once you polish your car, you will need a good car wax. For this, I would recommend buying Girots Garage Premium Carnauba Paste Wax. This wax has a high carnauba content that helps to increase the water beading and make rain effortlessly slide off of your car when it rains. This kind of wax is also easy to apply and has a fast dry time.

Overall, both car wax and car polish bring different things to the table. Car wax should only be used if your car has no visible deformities, such as bird poop or paint blemishes. I would also recommend that you wash your car before applying car polish or car wax. This will ensure that your car is nice and clean, and has no easy to see blemishes that could be easily washed off. So, in summary, I would recommend that you use both car polish and car wax. The car polish will ensure that your car has maximum shininess, and the wax will help to protect your car against harmful UV rays. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but I hope that this article helped you on your quest to have a beautiful car.

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