Car Seat Protector Reviews

Car seat protectors are multi faceted and can be used for a wide range of reasons. If you’re existing seats have seen better days car seat protectors can give your car a whole new look. Are you bored of your present seats and want to customise them with completely different colours or texture, or upgrade to luxurious leather or the consolation of sheepskin? Or do you wish to do a complete seat makeover with new foam, springs, trim and fabric? It doesn’t matter what seat cover style you have in mind, you can get pretty much anything you wish for with the large number of covers and fabric available on the market. From universal slip-ons to custom leather-based upholstery, seat cushions to pet seat protectors, you can get it all. You can’t notice the difference between most seat covers and manufacturer specification car seats they install.

You might want short or long-term protection for your vehicle’s seats, this might be for revamp purposes or protection from pets/ kids etc. We will look at the best car seat covers for all different purposes.

Leather Car Seat Covers

leather seat covers                                                                                                             

All cars come with some form of seat covers these days, and with a new car you can pay extra for an upgrade such as leather car seat covers or heated seats. For me, it was the decision to purchase my own leather seat covers at a fraction of the cost of what the manufacturer leather seat covers was quoting to install them in my new BMW. There are lots of other reasons people decide to change their seat covers.

 I even showed one of my friends and he could not tell the difference between my newly purchased leather seat covers and the expensive BMW seats that a manufacturer would install. Installation took roughly 5-6 hours. It’s not a job you wish to rush. So long as you are taking your time and work the leather-based covers they come out beautifully. I also found there are installation videos accessible on YouTube to assist with the implementation. The installation shouldn’t be bad at all, if I can do it you can do it! And I’ve never fitted seat covers before in my life. I would highly recommend investing in new seat covers if you are thinking about it, it’s so worth the money for the finished result.

These are the best leather car seat cushion covers, they make my car look so posh! They are compatible with most vehicles that have 5 seats – whilst they might not fit exactly like custom fit seat covers, they are as close as you are going to get and personally I can’t even tell the difference.

If you have heated seats, it works well with the  leather seat covers and they are compatible with air bags so your safety is not compromised. When the seat covers are used on the backseats you can still use the seat belts as normal. They also come with a pocket between your legs to store things in such as your phone or your purse and it keeps the car tidy at the same time.

These leather seat covers are suitable for all weathers and all seasons as they are soft, breathable and extremely comfortable. One of the great things is that they don’t burn my bum in summer either unlike factory leather seats.

The product is made using natural environment Luxurious PU leather with soft composite sponge.

All the Amazon reviews (where I ordered from) are positive so it’s not just me that finds these to be the best leather seat covers, for me they tick all the boxes!


  • Very comfortable
  • Don’t burn your butt in hot weather like factory fitted leather seats
  • Look really good


  • Instruction print is small

Waterproof Seat Covers

XtremeAuto® Ultra Heavy Duty, Waterproof CAR/VAN, front seat covers set. BLACK WITH RED TRIM

car seat cushion

For those with smelly messy kids like me, you can also get seat protectors constructed from a polycotton twill material that features a durable water-repellent end that’ll combat any juice field spill, cereal crumbs or pet mess!

 This is what we have in my boyfriend’s car which we used for family days out! It is also engineered with an extra layer of nylon lining, which helps with additional protection against the lined seat. The seat protector stays in place with the help of sturdy straps, specialty inserts and a non-slip backside. Semi-custom to fit the scale and type of vehicle. Fast and simple installation, in addition to being simply removable for cleansing. The Seat Protector is machine washable, making it a great buy for any family.

The brilliant thing about these car seats is that they are wipe clean. The ANTI-STAIN wipe clean design ensures the preservation of your car interior, and convenience of cleaning. The design is also ideal for sports, taxis, work vehicles.

The material is tough and really good quality making them long lasting even against the most boisterous of children. (Tested against my giddy five year old).


  • Durable, water- repellent and anti stain
  • Sturdy straps, speciality inserts and non slip backside keeps this waterproof seat cover firmly in place
  • Tough material and long lasting product.


  • Instructions not very clear (but not really needed)

Heated Car Seat Covers

Audew 12V Car Front Seat Hot Heater Heated Pad Cushion Winter Warmer Cover Black

car seat cushion

If your car doesn’t come with heated seats as standard this may be a feature you want to build in. Well with these heated car seat covers, now you can! They heat the seat underneath your butt as well as the back rest. It is powered really easily with a cable plugging directly into the cigarette lighter. Furthermore, these heated car seat covers are thermostatically controlled so as not to overheat.

They are so simple to fit and don’t take any time at all for you to get up and running with. It is aesthetically pleasing giving a very smart look to your cars interior, available in black or grey.

These heated car seat covers offer great support for those with a bad back or that do a lot of driving. Lots of the reviews from customers who have bought the product advise they went on to buy another for their partners car and one gentleman advises in helps with his sciatica.  It is highly rated for comfort, even when the heat is not on.


  • Heated seat and backrest
  • Thermostatically controlled so as not to overheat
  • Very comfortable and great back support, reviewers saying it helps with their sciatica


  • Lead on the right hand side but fine to reach cigarette lighter for most cars

Padded Car Seat Covers

Posture Cushion – Seat Softener Comfort Cushion With Soft Foam Insert

Car seat cushion

This padded car seat cover is a great addition for modern harder car seats. It prevents the pain and stiffness in your legs and back when sitting in the car, home and office.  Designed to provide maximum comfort when sitting anywhere, but specifically for people that travel a lot or have back problems. It prevents soreness and fatigue associated with being in the car for long periods.

The elasticated straps make it easy to fit and stop it moving around whilst you are driving. The anti slip rubber base keeps it in place even around sharp corners or hard stops.

For car seats that are sagging due to heavier drivers or through wear and tear this cushion gives you the lift that’s needed.

One reviewer said, ” Very comfortable and easy to fit, lifting you up a couple of inches and pushing you forward as it is quite thick foam. I can now drive without any aches – I wasn’t expecting much but this product worked really well and was fine on hot days too. I cannot rate this product highly enough – it has transformed how I feel about driving with a sore back on long journeys. I suffer no more with this padded cushion support – if you have any kind of back issues then this is the product for you. I bought this as my car seat was flagging due to a heavy previous owner and I was getting terrible back ache even on short journeys. I bought this after reading other positive reviews and as I had a very long journey across Europe approaching I thought I would give it a go, I was not disappointed – overall a great value product. ”


  • Straps and a rubber base to keep the padded car seat cover in place
  • Great support for posture, bad backs or general driving aches
  • Easy to fit and comfortable for long journeys


  • One reviewer reported poor stitching on the straps.

Van Seat Covers

SHIPLEYMF SMF1-56840 Swb Sportive Van Seat Covers Racing Blue 2+1

van seat covers

Van seat covers area great idea for those using their van for work purposes, especially if involved in a job where you can get very dirty or dusty. When a van is used for commercial or trade purposes the seats can get ripped, dirty and start to smell. With van seat protectors in place your seats are protected against oil, dirt and grease.

These waterproof van seat covers are wipe clean and heavy duty provide excellent, long lasting protection in all domestic, industrial and agricultural environments. It accommodates headrest and arm rest if in place and has Velcro fastenings. Easy to fit.

The cover will fit most standard sized front seats in Vans and Cars. They have a tailored shape and fairly smart in appearance and wash and dry very easily.

One reviewer has commented that after months of lively dogs being on the front seat the material still hasn’t torn or damaged the fabric and he has found the van seat covers to be comfortable in all weathers. Another reviewer has had the covers in place for two years and reports even split drinks do not damage his cream seat covers.


  • Great protection for commercial and trade vehicles
  • Wipe clean
  • Protection against oil, dirt, liquid, paint and other materials
  • Tailored shape and smart appearance


  • Not very stretchy


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