Tyre Insurance – Should I Invest?

Do you think that you have a need for car tyre insurance? Think about it. The tyres are the only parts of the car that actually get into contact with the road. So it can be damaged when you’re driving and you run over various road hazards including debris and potholes. You may hit the tyres on the kerb while you’re parking. Someone may be angry at you and decide to slash your tyre. A thief may try to steal your tyres and rim. So with tyre insurance UK you can at least have some financial assistance should these things happen to you.

Tyre and Wheel Insurance

It’s basically the insurance protection you get if ever your tyre is damaged beyond just wear and tear. However, it must be noted that the policies can be different depending on the car maker and the insurance company. Each one may have a different idea of what a valid claim is. They will certainly have a different set of restrictions when the damage to your tyres is not valid. The provider may even offer motorcycle tyre insurance.

Most of the time, the coverage is limited to just accidental damage when you’re driving. But others may also include slashed tyres insurance and other forms of malicious intentional damage. Some may even offer tyre fitter insurance, when the tyre fitter accidentally damages your tyres when they are fitting in the tyres during a check-up.

There are also some insurance companies that may offer wheel and tyre insurance. But you have to make certain that the policy covers the type of wheel you have. Some types of alloy wheels may not be covered at all. Also, some policies specify that they don’t cover mere cosmetic damage to the wheel. When it comes to wheel and tyre insurance UK residents must be very sure about the various details specified in the policy. For example, the policy may or may not offer winter tyres insurance at all.

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Tyre Insurance Reviews

Here’s a quick look at some tyre insurance policies offered by car makers.

  • Mercedes Benz. The Mercedes tyre insurance policy covers cars, SUVs and even light commercial vehicles, but only if they’re all used for private purposes. This policy covers the tyres and the rims. You get 24-hour roadside assistance, a towing service to an official dealership or supplier, coverage from any roadside hazards like rocks and potholes, and even coverage for malicious damage. What’s more, there’s no excess fee or treat deduction when you make a claim.However, it doesn’t cover commercial vehicles of any type, or private cars that are sometimes used for work purposes (including private pizza delivery vehicles). If you modify your car or even convert it to turbo, the deal’s off. The policy also doesn’t cover cars that are used or have been used for motor competition.
  •  The official VW tyre insurance policy (Ensurance) in the UK is actually free, but they don’t give out details about the tyre insurance. But a look at the Australian tyre and wheel insurance should give you an idea of what to expect, although the Australian version comes with premiums. They cover accident damage while driving your car on the road. There are two basic policies (Standard and Prestige), but both policies offer rim coverage limits of £1,100 for the year. For just the tyres, the Standard has an AUD$375 limit per tyre, and all claims can only total up to £750. The Prestige offers an £800 max for each tyre, and a total max of £1,400 for all claims. However, they don’t cover any malicious damage to your tyres and rims. They don’t cover mere cosmetic damage either.

What Does Tyre and Wheel Insurance Cover?

How to Choose A Tyre Insurance Provider

It’s always a good idea to at least take a look at the official tyre insurance offered by the car makers themselves. But it may not always be a good to get insurance through car dealerships. A recent study made by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) found that the tyre and rim insurance offered by car yards were generally rip-offs. They’re very expensive, yet they actually offer very little benefit.

So what can you do instead? You may want to ask around your circle of friends and family for some advice, especially those who already have tyre insurance and have made a successful claim.

However, if none of them has this type of insurance, it can be a bit of a challenge for you to find one. Tyre insurance comparison can be difficult, since each company offers not just different quotes but also different conditions. So here are a few tips.

  • Read as many tyre and wheel insurance reviews as you can. Your best bet here is to read the reviews on independent websites, and not those on the insurance provider’s website. Make a list of the insurance companies that seem to have a good reputation
  • Go to the official website of each of these providers, and find if their tyre and wheel insurance details matches your needs.
  • Ask for a tyre insurance quote from at least 3 companies. Check the details of the policy if they cover the type of wheel you have, or if they also cover criminal damage to your tyres.

Yes, it’s a lot of work, and making a claim means more work too. So at some point you may be wondering if it’s actually worth your time, effort, and money for premiums.

To make it easy we have researched the market and found a provider who is cost effective and offers a comprehensive policy. ALA not only offer GAP insurance (you can read more on this here http://www.cars-website.com/gap-insurance-get-good-deal/), but they also provide ‘additional cover’ policies such as tyre and alloy wheel insurance.

Are You Eligible For Tyre And Wheel Insurance?


So do you really need tyre cover insurance? Admittedly, this seems like a very debatable proposition. You can simply write off the cost of tyres as a regular part of the vehicle maintenance, since repairs and replacements aren’t all that expensive or all that frequent. If you do get a puncture, it’s no big deal. The bigger deal is for you to have to argue with an uncooperative insurance company that delights in pointing out the fine print in your policy that makes any claim you make invalid.

Still, car tyre and wheel insurance may work for some people, especially those who drive on low quality roads frequently. That makes tyre damage much more likely, and tyre puncture insurance makes a lot more sense.


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