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A lot of people these days prefer to receive quick cash for cars from sites like than go through the tedious process of selling a car through online and newspaper ads. This option to sell your car for cash is much faster, and much more convenient. This day in age when people are working longer hours and trying to balance a million things, selling a car for cash is something more and more are doing.

Where to sell my car

Sometimes people just can’t wait because they need the money for an emergency. Some even need the money so they can take advantage on a great deal on another car they’re planning to buy. Others simply just don’t want to deal with the hassle of putting up a car for sale and then haggling with dealers or potential buyers. They don’t want to waste time and effort.

If you’re one of these people and are asking the question, “who buys cars for cash?” then read on.

Sell your car for cash

Who Buys Cars for Cash?

With car valuation sites, such hassles are entirely avoided. But it all depends on the car valuation site you use when you want to sell your car for cash.

Places that will buy your car

Here are your best options for places that will buy your car: 


Selling my Car Online

So, let’s take a closer look at and see what they offer. It’s one of the most highly regarded services offering cash for cars, so let’s find out why this is.

How to Sell A Car Online

Like some car valuation sites, doesn’t use any sort of complicated procedure, they make it easy to get a quote on selling your car for cash. For instructions on how to sell a car online just go to  For a general idea of the price, you can just enter your reg number on the website. That tells the car valuation website the basic info regarding your car, such the age, make, model, and the size of the engine. It’s very straight forward from there.

To refine the estimate and make it more accurate, you can provide a few extra details. You can provide data about the remaining MOT, the cosmetic condition of the car, and specify any damage that may have happened to the car.

Once all these things are done, you can then get an indication of how much you can get when selling your car for cash.

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Sell My Car Quick

When says “we buy cars for cash”, they know they are dealing with people who want to sell my car quick. When they say it takes only a few minutes, they mean this quite literally. You will find the quote sent directly to your inbox. But you have to remember, this is just the initial estimate of the value of the cash for car and it could go up or down depending on the physical condition.

When they buy cars for cash, they need to have a team go over the car for a full inspection. So they’ll send a team from a nearby branch and they’ll look over the car carefully before confirming they will give you the ‘cash for cars’ offer.

This is a very common procedure that applies to all the car valuation sites. Every online quote is dependent on the visual inspection. If you have dents, chips, and other minor imperfections, the price drops a little. They may say “we pay cash for cars”, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do their due diligence.

However, what’s great about the quote is that it’s free, and there’s no obligation to agree to the final offer if you decide not to sell your car for cash but perhaps are willing to wait to sell privately. You’re perfectly able to go to the other sites and go through the same process to get a cash for cars quotation. If somehow one of the other sites offers a higher quote, will match it.

Sell your old car for cash

Sell my car for cash today

When I wanted to sell my car for cash today, was quick and straight forward.

Who will buy my used car?

A lot of people ask themselves ‘who will buy my used car?’; well the answer is lots of people. Although all these car valuation sites say the same thing (“we buy your car for cash”), when you sell your car for cash, they don’t actually offer real hard cash you can immediately pocket. That’s not really legal, due to the laws about money laundering. The company needs to have a record of the actual money that changes hand.

With, once you’ve agreed to the final quote then you can leave your car at their branch. You then just have to wait a maximum of 4 working days to see the money sent to your bank account.

It will take more time if you still have car finance involved. You’ll need to bring a letter from your finance company confirming the settlement figure. An NMR discrepancy can also delay the payment.

But if there’s no problem, then 4 days is the longest you’ll have to wait. You may even get the money earlier than that.

There’s also the Fast Track payment method, which you can get for a £24.95 fee. As long as the deal is arranged and you opt for the Fast Track method before 4:30 PM, you can actually get the money in your bank account that same day. After that, any cash for your car will be paid the next day.

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Online Valuation vs. Average Private Sale

The main value of online valuation is at the very least you can get a real clue on what price to offer your car if you want to sell it on your own. That’s the problem with private sales. When you price it too high, it can remain unsold for a long time. If it sells very quickly, part of you wonders if you offered it for too low a price. At least with the valuation, you have a place to start with the price.

But you can also use the online valuation service to get cash for cars instead of having viewing after viewing and still having no buyer as is usually the cash with private sales. That’s because when you sell your old car for cash through these sites, the sale can go very quickly indeed. The process is very efficient, so you can get the cash you need for any emergency, or just save yourself the time and effort of advertising and viewings and hagglers… for the sake of a few extra quid.

With car valuation sites, you avoid the waiting for buyers, the need to entertain each inquiry, and the haggling process. You even avoid all the paperwork hassle. With the car valuation sites, when they say “we buy cars cash” they pretty much take care of everything.
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Location and Collection

The main requirement of is that your car should be able to start and run. They don’t buy non-running cars. That means you have to drive the car to one of their branches. They won’t collect your car.

There’s a branch locator on the website, and all you need to do is to enter your postcode to find the nearest branch to your location. There’s one branch bound to be near you, since they have 70 branches nationwide. You can then just call the branch and make an appointment when you want to sell your car for cash.

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Difference in Actual Price Paid Vs. Initial Valuation

The actual price offered by may differ from the initial valuation if the details you offered don’t match what the final inspection team finds. The final price may drop due to several possible reasons:

  • If you use the car for more than 12,000 miles a year
  • If the car has had more than one owner per year
  • If you only have a partial service history instead of a fully up to date service history that’s completed by a VAT registered dealer.
  • If there’s no MOT.
  • If it’s in an unpopular colour.
  • If it comes with lots of scratches and dents.
  • If the car is an insurance write-off.
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Customer service

The customer service with is very helpful, professional, and friendly. Your questions are answered fully, and they don’t mind it if you don’t agree to the sale right away if you want to check the other sites. After all, if they offer a higher valuation after the inspection, will match it.


  • The entire process is quick and efficient. There’s not much hassle involved.
  • com will guide through every step of the process, especially regarding the paperwork.
  • You can get same day payment.
  • com will really buy your car regardless of the cosmetic condition, the mileage, or the make of the car. This site is best for any car as long as it’s running. They even buy vans too.


  • You just need to remember that your car should start and run. If it’s not able to do so, you may have to try the other websites.

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Consumer Ratings

The site comes with very high customer ratings, with service ratings of 91% to 95% at Feefo (The Global Feedback Engine). Customers really love the fact that the price you get from is often higher than what you can get from other sites. It’s why they offer to match higher quotes—that very seldom happens. Most other companies offering cash for cars tend to low ball where as Wewantanycar provides a good market rate.

Customers also love the efficiency of the process, and the friendliness of the staff and of the inspection team. Once the final inspection is complete, you get the quote. Then you can check this amount to what the other sites offer (if you have the time and really want to). But a lot of customers have already confirmed that for the most part, does offer the highest final price of them all.

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Best place to sell car online

So should you use a car valuation site when you want to sell your car? It depends. Selling to a car valuation site may not fetch as high a price as in private sales. After all, the people who make the offer are experts, unlike some buyers who may unknowingly pay too much.

But in return, you get your money faster. You also avoid the wait for buyers and hassle of haggling. So if you want to get quick cash for cars without the hassle and the waiting, car valuation sites are your best option. And if you want to get the most money  with minimal hassle, then is your best option.

So now you have the answer to, “Who buys cars for cash?” you can go straight to visiting the site using the below link for a free, no obligation quote.

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