Do I Really Need A Car Amplifier?

When you hear of the word Amplifier, you may associate it with a high-performance audio system in teenagers’ cars. This is not exactly what a car amplifier is. Every car stereo has an amplifier attached to the head unit where it’s built-in. You cannot go without a car amplifier as long as you have a stereo. One fact about these built-in amplifiers is that they are of low quality, less performance than a basic amplifier, and are not easy to notice in the car stereo. Even the most basic car stereo upgrade leaves out an amplifier. We explains why you need a Car Amplifier in your stereo upgrade.

What is an Amplifier?

This is an electronic device that magnifies or amplifies, (as the name says it all) a weak audio signal to a loud signal. It is used at home, in cars, and for commercial purposes. The amplifier magnifies the output signal to make it sensibly audible or even loud enough to disturb the ears.

There are two reasons why amplification of sound is recommended. It magnifies weak audios to strong, loud audio, and leverages the level of distortion of the sound. This simple process is very important in every household and cars, and its daily use has made it hard to realise its existence leave alone determining its quality. Some head units may have more than one amplifier dedicated to drive a subwoofer.

Why You Need a Car Audio Amplifier

Your car stereo has a built-in amplifier in the head unit. This manufacturer’s amplifier is very weak and may not deliver a quality audio system that matches your car. However, there are head units with quality and powerful built-in amplifiers, but they come with a higher price. Many people consider pairing their car stereo with an external amp to get that quality sound system in their cars.

Your car audio system requires a dedicated amplifier for many reasons such as harnessing loud sound waves which are distortion-free, utilizing the purpose of your speakers and to power a subwoofer. A person who has no issue with a little sound distortion or feels the amplifier’s price tag is too steep for his pocket; he can opt not to buy the amplifier and concentrate on getting a powerful head unit. Additional high-pass crossover is good as well for clearing sound distortion.

The most important and limiting factor at the same time is determining if your head unit has a pre-amp outputs. External outputs overrun the manufacturer’s amplifier in your stereo to deliver quality and clear sound signals to the external amp. You will have to purchase a new head unit which has functional outputs since the option of using speaker-to-line converter will only add noise to your car. With the right head unit, getting a suitable car amplifier is easy.

Features of a Car Amplifier

The number of channels in a car amplifier is the most important feature to go with. Channels range from mono to six channels uniquely suitable for pairing with compatible speaker setup. Every channel may require one speaker. This means your car requires only one amplifier for the job. For example, you can connect a 4-channel amplifier with for coaxial speakers or a mono amplifier with a subwoofer. They are easy to set up and very compatible.

Every amplifier requires being compatible with the system it’s going to powers since channels are configured differently to work with component speakers. Amplifiers have varying features such as built-in high-pass or low-pass filters commonly used to power subwoofers and tweeters. Powerful amplifiers have bass boost, treble, and variable filters.

The Power of Amplifiers

It refers to wattage sent to power the speakers. The more powerful the amplifier is, the louder the sound or audio signal. This makes the power of an amplifier very critical when it comes to buying them. You should try to match the power of the speakers with that of the amplifier since overpowering speakers initiates gradual damage. The power difference between the amplifier and the speaker is called RMS, and it should be between 75-150%.

Car audio amplifiers are engineered to deliver quality sound with the right combination of power. A car amplifier is necessary for your car, whether you need a compact four channel or a brutally powerful amplifier for your SPL build! If you now feel you need to upgrade your car amplifier, check out this page Best Car Amplifer for 2018

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