Dog Car Travel

Safest Way To Travel With Dog In Car

Nowadays, more and more people are travelling with their best friend aka their‘ dog in the car.  However, most people are not aware that there are laws and regulations in place around dog car travel. There are all sorts of dog car travel products available on the market now that can make it easier when driving with your pooch. What most people are not aware of, is that one might be breaking the law by allowing the dog to stick their heads out of the window. This action can cost the driver his or her license as well as cancellation of your car’s insurance. Travelling rules state that the driver should guarantee that pets are entirely restrained so that they don’t obstruct you while driving. If the pets are not well controlled, they may injure themselves or you if you press emergency breaks.

There are set rules and guidelines that require you to have a pet carrier, seat belt harness or potentially a dog cage to control your dog as you drive. You might be breaking the law as well as nullifying your car insurance if you don’t control the pets as you travel. For instance, if an accident happens, the insurance will not cover your car damages fees or that of the other cars involved. In addition, you will have to cater for your medical bills or any other bills that come on the way. It may drain you financially. We will discus the various dog car travel products that can be used when considering the safest way to travel with your dog in the car.

Dog Car Travel Products

Some dogs do not like to travel. Therefore, if your dog is not used to moving in vehicles, build up the courage to travel for longer journeys by taking it to short trips. It is advisable to use correct restrains when the dog travels in your car. There are numerous companies making dog car travel products;  travel crates and seat belt systems. A dog crate is one of the most commonly used mechanisms to guarantee the safety of your dog.

Dog Harness For Car Travel

Most dog owners do not know the best dog harness to use. One has to put several factors into consideration such as size and the personality of the dog in question. A person must consider the character that the dog exhibits, the energy, and the amount of comforting they require. Only you really know your dog.

Large dogs are not comfortable with the rear attached harness. Therefore, a no pull dog harness is the best to use. It offers a person an additional control over the pooch as you can easily steer it in any direction, rather than the animal controlling you.

Using a no pull type of harness is beneficial as it will not choke your dog. It increases the ease and comfort of the dog, and it will be an excellent adventure walking your dog around. It is also easy to use the tool.

Dog Car Travel Crate

Dog carriers have become useful, accessible and are considered the safest way of transporting small to large dogs amongst some. There are numerous pet carriers available on the market today and choosing the right one can be challenging. It is essential to have travelling needs in mind as you look for a dog carrier. For long distance travels, it is ideal to have a sizeable hard-sided kind of carrier. These carriers will also work well for puppies, larger dogs, as well as mid-sized dogs. They will protect the dog in case of an accident. Dog carriers are designed to be comfortable for the pet to relax in, and also add security. Some carriers come with a zipper to prevent the dog from escaping. They are also fitted with mesh wire to facilitate better flow of air as well as providing a better view to the dog of what is happening outside of the carrier. The pet will feel secure and safe nestled next to you. The driver will also be at ease knowing the dog can not cause any mischief.

The most realistic way to protect your dog as you travel is fitting your vehicle with dog safety belts. Some people say that putting the pooch in a travel compartment is safe. It is not entirely accurate. In an accident, the car may come to a sudden halt. For example, a vehicle that crashes at 30mph will force the dog to smash the front of the travel compartment at the same speed. The smash may result in fatal injuries to the dog. Whilst it is arguably safer that leaving your dog loose, there other dog restraints that may be better suited.

You my consider a dog seat belt matching the specific breed of your doggie fitted in your vehicle. These seat belts will save the dogs live in case of an accident. The dog safety belts are relatively cheap and are quickly fixed in your car. We all love our pets, therefore, ensuring their safety is crucial.

If you want to carry your dog in the boot of the car, you can protect it by purchasing a pet-barrier net. It is also essential not to feed the dog one hour before travelling as it may make it suffer from motion sickness.

Driving with pets for short trips or long trips is a necessity for most dog owners. More so, ensuring the pet is appropriately restrained is critical for the security of everyone in the car.

The law is clear to all of us. Everyone must safeguard the animals while they are in a vehicle. If you don’t protect the dog and an accident occurs, insurance may claim that the animal played a part in you causing the crash, then the insurance company may fail to pay you for any damages caused. And obviously injuring the dog is something every pet owner is keen to avoid. Dog car travel is perfectly fine so long as you take precautions to keep the dog and travellers safe.

Also, when travelling with your dog you want to consider the best dog seat car cover to ensure your seats are kept clean and also don’t get chewed, ripped or maybe even pee-ed on.

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