Here in the UK, find the cheap auto parts you need isn’t always easy. These things can be pricey, and when you find them cheap there’s often a very good reason why the price is so low. But you can actually get cheap car parts online if you just known the right site to visit. And for thousands of people each day looking to buy cheap car parts, that website is This is the site to get cheap car parts UK auto owners need to visit.


How Easy Is It to Use?

Despite the somewhat busy design used for the site when you first come to the home page, is actually rather easy to use. On top there’s a floating menu with the current weekend sale info, including the code to use and a running countdown timer showing you when the weekend sale will end.

The other floating website features are the small feedback button on the side, and the live chat bar at the bottom.

On top you have a search bar where you can enter a keyword, car part, brand, or category. Alongside it, there’s a button to determine the country you’re in and the currency you want to use (a popup lets you pick between UK and pound, France and euro, and Germany and euro). There’s also a sign in button and a basket icon showing the items you want to buy.

After that, there’s a row of car parts categories that allow you to find the type of car parts you’re looking for. Then right in the middle of the screen, you have a huge ad showing the details of the current discount promo, plus a form where you enter your car info so that the parts that will be shown to you will be suitable for your vehicle.

Then you can click on the clearance section or click the huge button detailing how the delivery system works. Below those buttons, you then have a dozen of the latest offers along with the discount information.

After that, you have a bunch of brands the site offers, then a sign up button for the newsletter, another button to direct you to the clearance section, a blog, and then a link to their repair shop. Finally you have the testimonials.

It’s pretty much straightforward, actually. It’s very easy to navigate, and you have several methods to use to find the car parts you want. You can also just navigate the various sections to find something that interests you, or you can just go to the clearance section for fantastic discounts.

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What Can I Buy Here?

Well, the short answer is just about everything. The site offers more than 130,000 parts in stock. You’ve got your basic car parts, cheap motor parts, performance parts, and many different accessories for cleaning and maintenance, electrical and mechanical components, safety and security equipment, and essentials for winter or summer. Here you have lots of tools to choose from, different car batteries, and various engine oils.

Even if you’re looking for cheap truck parts, you’ll find what you’re looking for. You’ll find various car parts for cheap, including sweatshirts and Bluetooth speakers that look like stuffed toys (yes, they apparently exist)

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How Good Is It Compared to Other Websites?

It looks very good, regardless of the website you compare it to. Aside from the easy navigation and the wide variety of cheap parts, the shipping time is very speedy—and affordable.

The free delivery gets you the item you bought in just 2 to 4 working days, but that’s only when you buy just a few car parts cheap. If your total purchase comes to more than £10, then you get same day delivery for free. Just order before 3 PM, and you’ll get your cheap parts for cars by 6 PM. If you’re buying a cheap car part for less than £10, then this same day delivery service will cost you £3.95.

There are other delivery options for next day or 48-hour delivery, but the same day delivery is your best option. You only need to cross the £10 threshold.

You can also just click and collect, if you want. This way, you can get the item from your local Euro Car Parts store. There’s probably one near you as there are more than 200 branches in the country.

All in all, Euro Car Parts looks good compared to other cheap car parts websites. When they say it’s cheap here, they mean it. Some of the discounts can go up to 71% off. For some of the items, even a 20% discount reduces the price by £100. There’s also a price match offer so you really can get everything from their site at the best prices.

As for the quality of the items, they’re good too. If somehow you get a car part that doesn’t satisfy you, there’s a 365-day return policy. They’ll even arrange for the pickup of the faulty item for free. You can then get a replacement or a refund.


  • You can buy just about any car part here.
  • It’s easy enough to find a specific car part, or to browse for an item that may interest you.
  • The prices are very low, especially with the sales promos and the clearance section.
  • The delivery is very quick.
  • The refund period is for an entire year.
  • Many customer reviews (even the ones listed in independent sites) find it a very satisfying website to shop from. The item arrives as advertised, the prices are low, and customers also appreciate the quick delivery.


  • There’s really nothing bad about it. Of course, they can improve the web page by making it less busy to look at. Also, it would help a lot if the product categories come in a floating menu, so you won’t have to scroll up from a very long list to get to another category.



So should you buy your car parts from If you’re a UK resident and you want to high quality yet cheap auto parts, then the answer is definitely yes. It’s the one-stop shop for all your car part needs.


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