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When I first bought my vehicle nearly two years ago, there were plenty of things to consider; pricing, mileage, color, but perhaps what turned out to be the most important decision I had to make was my insurance provider. This wasn’t my first time finding myself tearing my hair out reviewing various insurance companies and their shiny offers. It was actually my mum that insisted I get a Gap insurance quote, she pressured me into it.

Gap Insurance Quote Comparison

Everyone said they offered competitive prices, everyone claimed to have the best coverage everyone claimed that their customer service was the best you’d find anywhere. The cacophony of platitudes grew noisy and confusing. I got a Gap insurance quote comparison from a few providers and was close to giving up. I had given Direct Gap a try, but found their application too confusing, their terms too vague and their pricing on the Gap insurance quote was outrageous. I considered simply purchasing standalone GAP insurance, but found that since I would be purchasing a brand new car, I might be shortchanging myself in the future. Just before finalizing the purchase of my vehicle I asked a co-worker about their insurance plan she introduced me to ALA Gap Insurance.

Why Choose ALA GAP Insurance

After a very painful experience of shopping around, comparing the market and losing my mind, I ended up going with ALA Gap Insurance. I’ll be honest, my decision was based mainly on the simplicity of the application and quote process. They were very clear from the start on how many £ I was going to be spending on my car. The online chat feature was another factor is me leaning towards ALA because who has time to wait in a call centre queue for hours. Not me that’s for sure! The Gap insurance quote I received was really competitive too which sealed the deal.

The representative I spoke with guided me through the application process easily enough and quoted me £150 less than anywhere else I had checked into. To be honest I was sold on the complexity after such a long journey getting to this point but obviously, the money saving was a bonus. I actually couldn’t believe the process was this easy after all the hassle. All of this seemed too good to be true.

Since then I have spoken to a few people who use ALA Gap Insurance and it turns out ALA take special pride in its customers, providing top notch service with invaluable expertise and specific policies that suits any and every one. For example, they have an option in which you can estimate your quote based on the manufacturer of your vehicle. This way as a customer you can be sure your Gap coverage is not only thorough but fairly priced as well. My cousin’s Ford Gap insurance will pay the difference between the comprehensive insurer settlement and what she paid outright for her car. The same would happen with my BMW GAP insurance, and yours- no matter the make or model. Based on my personal experience, I would recommend getting a Gap insurance quote to test out their pricing but also their service.

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I was skeptical about GAP insurance at first- I was pressured into getting it by mum. I gave it for a quiet life in all honesty. But then it came into its own when I was driving home from work on a rainy night when some drunk guy ran through a red light and slammed into my passenger side door. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt – just shook up with a bit of whiplash. My car was not so lucky.

My first thought was “Great, now I have to deal with the insurance company,” which seemed like the biggest hassle apart from not having a car and the headache of my remaining car payments. But when I called my ALA I was assigned a representative called Claire and actually, I landed on my feet. I knew I was in good hands from the first five minutes we talked. Claire was lovely and very efficient in guiding me through the entire process of making a claim. With a full-time job and three kids, I made clear to her that I didn’t have time to fill out loads of paperwork. Thankfully, it was all pretty simple.

Claire explained to me that the Vehicle Replacement policy allowed me to either replace my vehicle with one similar or pay the remainder of my car loan, whichever amount was higher. Now this is what I consider the best GAP coverage one could have, in any event, I’d either get a new vehicle or at least the ability pay the debt from my now wrecked car and move onto something else, all without the headache of unnecessary paperwork and red tape hassle. Even better, after filing my claim ALA remedied my situation in the most expedient and timely fashion.

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My claim was filed, investigated, resolved and my check in the mail all within two weeks from the time of my accident. WOW! I don’t think I could ever sign up with another car insurer again for the rest of my life. ALA provided by far the most pleasant, affordable, easy experience out of any insurance provider I have ever had to deal with. This kind of customer service and quick turnaround is priceless. The extra time means I can have dinner with my kids and put them to bed rather than filling in paperwork and spending all night on the phone.

This isn’t only my experience either when my nephew was shopping around for a motorcycle, I told him all about ALA GAP insurance. Not only did he find their policies more affordable than most, he found that ALA covered more than any other insurance provider which is good for him. For me, I have the peace of mind that he’s covered for all eventualities.

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It has been about a year since I filed my claim with ALA, and got myself a new car after paying off the rest of my debt, and I couldn’t be happier. As life moves forward, I’ve decided to go into business for myself as a florist. I recently purchased a van to help move large bouquets between my shop and outside locations. Of course, my first instinct was to sign up for ALA van GAP insurance, after last time I am well aware of the risks that being on the road can bring.

Thankfully, the cover is surprisingly affordable, especially for a small business owner such as me. I can rest easy knowing that my business won’t go under if another drunken idiot decides to run me off the road. I don’t have to worry about being price gouged during an emergency, and ALA representatives are courteous and friendly. If my word isn’t enough, consider the fact that ALA is a five-time award winning company highly recommended by the industry’s leading experts such as Auto Trader, Honest John, defaqto and received a 9.8 rating by Trust Pilot.

ALA GAP Insurance Reviews

Shopping for a new car is stressful enough, taking the time to properly insure that wonderful new purchase shouldn’t have to be. With ALA GAP insurance you’re guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck with affordable prices and complete coverage you can rest easy when it comes to the next bump in the road.

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