Do I Need a European Driving Kit?

Driving In Europe

Recently I took a trip all across Europe. I learned many important bits and bobs of information on my trip, including how important it is to have an emergency car kit in your car at all times. When I was 18 and was an independent driver, I had the bare necessities in my car. Some of these necessities included a car jack, a spare tire, and a flashlight. While traveling across Europe, I learned that the bare minimum is not enough for long distance road trips, or any road trip in general.

The first accident that occurred happened on the motorway. I was driving along behind a truck, when the truck tyre blew and caused me to swerve to avoid an accident. While swerving, I drove over some random screws and nails that were strewn all over the far right side of the road. Needless to say, my tyre went flat. I promptly pulled over to the side of the road and jacked up my car. I started to take off my tyre when a stranger pulled over and asked me if I needed any help changing my tyre. I politely declined, and he went on his way. I then put the spare on and continued on my journey.

european driving kit

The next thing that happened to me, which was totally unexpected, was that my battery went dead. I went in to a small restaurant for dinner, and when I came out, much to my surprise, my battery was dead. I didn’t have any jump leads in my car. I went back inside the restaurant and asked anybody if they had jump leads that they could help me with. Luckily, this beefy man helped me out. Once my car started back up, I went on my way.

At this point, I was praying to whatever God I could that my car would hold together. For the rest of the trip, I had a few minor annoyances, including a little car accident at a car wash. I had to go the chemist to buy some antiseptic wipes and bandages as I wasn’t prepared enough to have a first aid kit in the car.

Other than that, it wasn’t a bad trip. When I got back from my trip, I thought about all of the things that went wrong, and I decided to buy a travel kit to store in my car for minor accidents like the ones that happened to me. I came to the conclusion that £25 for a European Driving Kit is a small amount to pay for the convenience of having all the essentials on board.

Euro Travel Kit

european driving kit

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The European driving kit that I bought is called the AA Euro Travel Kit for driving in France and Europe. It retails for just over £24 from Amazon UK. I did some shopping around and this was the cheapest, actually much less than the Halford’s equivalent. For what you get in the package, it is well worth it. The kit weighs about 1.5kg and its dimensions are 45.2 x 8.6 x 21.4 cm, which makes it especially easy to store in your car. Inside the European driving kit are headlamp beam converters, a hazard warning signal, a self adhesive GB plate, a reflective emergency jacket, a first aid kit, a compact universal bulb kit, an AA European drivers handbook, a Kent road map, and a canvas style carry bag. This kit contains all the accessories required to drive through Europe, but additional components might be necessary in certain countries. 

The beam converters have a high-quality adhesive and are easy to apply on a wide variety of headlights. The GB plate is magnetic which is particularly handy for rental cars; if your numberplate has a GB logo, you won’t need it.

This particular European Driving Kit comes with an offer for £10 off European Breakdown cover which makes the kit even better value for money as you get complete roadside reassurance. It gives you unique access to over 40,000 trusted partners – including garages, repairers and recovery operators – in 44 countries across Europe.

I personally think that this kit is the best one you can buy for your money. I have tried other kits when I was younger, but none of them compare to this AA Euro Travel Kit. You are clearly getting the most bang for your buck. As stated before, the kit comes in a compact, but not very high quality pouch that helps for convenient storage. The only thing that the kit does not have that I would like to see added is a NF Breathalyser Pack. You can, however, buy the France travel kit, which has the NF Breathalyser Pack in it. If driving in France specifically, you might want to consider the AA France Travel Kit with Breathalysers.


When my daughter turned 17, she constantly bothered me about getting to drive. I just did not feel very safe with her traveling all over the place without a safety kit or something. So, for her 18th birthday, she got one of these European travel kits! Since she has the kit in the boot of her car, I can rest assured that she will be safer. Even though she wont be doing any travelling across Europe anytime soon, the fact she has the essentials and a first aid kit in the boot makes me sleep sounder. She cannot travel to France with this kit without some additional items, since driving in France requires a breathalyser, but that is just as well, seeing as we live nearly 250 miles away from France. I gave one to my wife too, who, like many others in my family, don’t feel confident in their driving skills without knowing that they are protected by their driving kit. At first, my dad was sceptical, because he said he had been driving for nearly 50 years and he hasn’t ever had but one accident. I still gave it to him, and he put it in the boot of his car. A couple weeks later, when I asked him how he was liking it, he said it was superb because he had peace of mind knowing that he was safer than he was when he wasn’t driving with it. So European driving kits also make great gifts even for general UK travel!

So far everything has held up fine. I have no reason to believe they would break in use but if they did, I’d be quite happy to buy another kit. These are emergency items and, to be perfectly frank, I’m not too worried about their durability.

Overall, I think that the AA Euro Travel Kit is well worth the money. The only improvement that could be made is that they should but the breathalyser into the kit. Also, if you’re driving with passengers, you might need to buy a few more high visibility vests for them to wear. My daughter found the handbook that comes with the kit very insightful, and picked up a few good tips while reading it. Also, the map might be a little unecessary if you have a car that has a GPS. Honestly, I don’t think I even kept the map in the kit. I threw it out because I didn’t think i needed it, but I don’t recommend you do this because if your GPS malfunctions, then you’re screwed. So to sum it all up, this is a great buy for yourself or for your kids or parents. I would highly recommend it to everyone who drives.

Overall this is good value for money compared to buying everything separately, plus the information was up-to-date.



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