Improving Car Bass

When you know you have a long journey to travel there’s nothing better than listening to your favourite music, loud, bass-y and crisp. And the great thing is that no matter what age your car, there are steps you can take to get that beautiful music flowing.

Improving Bass in Car

  • Consider replacing the car speakers

In most cars, the speakers are the least quality equipment installed, and therefore, the only way out is by replacing them. Some new speakers are invented on a daily basis and getting the right speaker that will give you high-quality amps would be easy. Also, it would be much easier to connect the latest speaker with both subwoofer and the amps. There are lots of speakers by top brands that are so affordable these days, you will be spoilt for choice. Take a look at the best car speakers 2018 for an overview of the best models available on the market.

  • Ensure you have quality music.

The quality of the music that you are listening to plays a role in determining the sounds of the music. This is important especially in the case where you are saving the music in a file or any other device. Keeping in mind that you may be required to use compression when saving bulky music, it is essential to ensure that you employ limited compression when doing so such that it will not interfere with the quality of the music. The higher the beat of the music you have on your device, the better output will sound on your car system and vice versa.

  • Use dynamat.

Dynamat is essentially sound proofing for cars. There is so much that goes on the road when you are on the move. For example when you are passing on the uneven surfaces or if you are in the middle of a noisy area, chances of you not getting the best music are quite low. Therefore, to make sure that you don’t get to hear these noises while inside the car, connect the dynamat to your system. The dynamat works by ensuring that all the sounds from the outside do not reach inside. The noises that you encounter on the road tend to cover the music frequencies where it either makes it uneven or lower it. Another thing that interferes with your music power while driving is in the case where you are expected to turn your music loud for better hearing from the interior. The high volumes turn up causing the music sound more noisy than clear. So, dynamic works by ensuring that there are no noises heard on the interior such that you would not need to turn up the volume too loud.

  • Add An Amplifier.

Although all cars are equipped with an amplifier, replacing for a more powerful model can improve better performance and quality of the music. Also, a separate amp is said to produce more powerful and precise stereo as compared to a car amplifier since the power is specially equipped for the music purposes hence does not power other systems on the car. If your car amplifier can provide about 50 watts, consider adding an extra one to add more power to maybe 100 for better quality and functioning throughout. There are so many amplifiers out there today that finding the best car amplifier for 2018 can be a bit of a minefield, this page can provide the best models all in one place.

  • Have A Quality Subwoofer Box.

If you opt to buy or customize a box for equipping your subwoofer in, make sure it is a good fit such that there will be no air getting inside the gadget as it can interfere with the sounding of the subwoofer. Another thing to consider when buying or making the box is the interiors. The interior should be soft and pleasant match such that the interior volume will be enough to allow enough sounds outlet. To make your work easy, consider buying a readymade subwoofer box since it is much easier to install as compared to having it customized.

  • Bass Tuning On Your Amplifier.

This is a common problem that a lot of people fail to do when setting up the amplifier. No matter how powerful it is, the amplifier setting determines the kind of sounds you get in your car. Some people turn the gain control on the device at a high volume whereby instead of giving you loud music, it produces noisy sounds. This happens because the gain control increases the signal inputs that are coming to the amplifier thus causing the abnormal audio on the device. So how do you set up your amp?

Make sure to turn the volume on the receiver bit high and then turn your amplifier gain until it gets to distortion level. Also, if it goes too high, consider backing it off some more. But, keep in mind that each company has their instructions regarding how to connect the amplifier, so follow the instruction to guide you if this tactic does not work for your amp.

  • Equip Your Car With A Capacitor.

A capacitor is essential in the case where you want to push your subwoofer a bit hard. Note that the cars are not designed with a space for installing the subwoofer. This is because such devices consume a high power as compared to other systems in the vehicle. And therefore to make sure that ensure that your woofer is receiving enough power, you have to install the capacitor which works by sucking power from the battery, it then stores is to the alternator to avail it when the AMPs are on for sounding purposes.


It is easy to attain a good and clear music bass in your car as long you utilize the above tips. If your speaker is not powerful enough, installing another one would be ideal for empowering purposes. Also, before you fit any of the above devices that aids with soundings, consult a car technician to advice you on the right device that will work with your car model.



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