Kenwood KFC-PS6985 Review

Kenwood KFC-PS6985

Kenwood KFC-PS6985

Initial Thoughts

Well known brand at a fantastic price and punchy sound
  • Punchy Sound
  • Highly Recommended
  • Great Value


  • Very Affordable
  • Clear Sound Even At Loud Volumes
  • Great Bass


  • Wire gauge feels cheap

Overall Rating

Established: January 2001
Country: United Kingdom
Support: 1 Year Warranty
Manufacturer: Kenwood
Model Number: KFC-PS6985
Speaker Size: 6 x 9 inch
Peak Input Power: 600W
Speaker System : 4way 4-speaker System
Kenwood KFC-PS6985 Reviews

We all look for the best speakers for our cars to make our road trips even more fun and musical. We usually look for speakers with a good sound quality, appropriate bass, and high durability. There are many five-way speakers that offer great audio quality and can also be attached to the cars. These five-way speakers have the size varying from 4 inches to 6×9 inches but offers different quality.

The Top Things You Will Love About the Kenwood KFC PS6985

So, what do you really want from your car speaker? The Kenwood KFC PS6985 does seem to have a good many of what you need. If you’re planning to buy the Kenwood KFC-PS6985 speaker set, here’s everything you need to know about it.


Kenwood is a popular brand when it comes to car speaker set as it always try to offer more in a smaller package. The same can be said about their new product Kenwood KFC-PS6985 speaker set, which is a 4-way component coaxial type speaker. It can take about 600W of maximum input power and is meant to work on higher frequencies as well.

The 4-way 4-speaker system features a paper cone with urethane sound, a 20 mm tweeter and super tweeter, and a 70 mm midrange. The speaker set comes loaded with an Acoustic Sound Harmonizer as well, which can handle higher range frequencies of 3000 to 4000 Hz.

The pack of the speaker set comes with two speakers, 2 grilles along with their frames, speaker wires, flat washers, and tapping screws for the speakers. The brand also offers a one year warranty on the speaker set.

Audio Quality

The speakers fare well on the audio quality as they contain the water resistant paper cone woofer with a unique radial pattern. The increases the strength of the speakers and immensely improves it bass as well. Urethane has also been added to the speakers to give them a more fresh sound, improving its durability.

The 2-3/4″ paper cone midrange driver, 13/16″ PET balanced dome tweeter, and 1/2″ PET dome supertweeter are meant to handle to finer musical details and produce a more clear, natural sound. The speakers also come in set with an Acoustic Sound Harmonizer that, when used at higher frequencies, improves the sound of a progression. The speaker set fares well on both the loudness and higher frequency front. However, the same is not true for mid-range frequencies and lower volumes.


The presence of the paper cone urethane improves the sound immensely and adds a new edge to its bass. The speaker doesn’t perform as well on lower and mid-range frequencies but keeps its bass intact under all circumstances. The paper cone woofer comes with radial patterns, which adds more clarity to the sound.

Final Thoughts

The Kenwood KFC-PS6985 speaker set offers a ton of features in quite a reasonable price and offers a years’ worth of warranty as well. However, the speaker isn’t that great on audio quality when it comes to lower frequencies. But the sound offered is clear when the frequencies are higher, and the volume louder.

The bass too is great and helps get better sound quality – in fact, better than what we first thought initially. This set could be perfect if you’re someone who enjoys loud music and road trips.


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