Meguair`s G17216 Ultimate Compound Review

Meguair`s G17216 Review


Initial Thoughts

This fantastic polish restores colour and clarity to abused & neglected finishes
  • Removing oxidation, scratches, water spots, and blemishes
  • Leaves a "like new" finish
  • High gloss no scratches


  • Restores colour & reflectivity
  • Cuts as fast as harsh abrasives
  • Use by hand or by machine


  • Wont correct dents

Overall Rating

Established: May 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Model Number: G17216
Item Weight: 454g
Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 10.2 x 22.9 cm
Volume Capacity : 450ml
Meguair`s G17216 Review Reviews

When it comes to a Grade A car polish, the Meguair’s G17216 lives up to its name! This compound is both a safe and effective product, which promises to add a lustrous shine to any vehicle. Plus, as an added bonus, removes scratches and swirl marks without damaging the car’s paint. For those who detail their automobile on a regular basis, Meguair’s G17216 is specially formulated to work in an efficient manner in order to save car owners some valuable time.

Ultimate Compound Features & Benefits

  1. Eliminates Built-Up Oxidation

Meguair’s G17216 effectively removes all traces of oxidation, leaving behind a smooth finish and shine. Transforming any car into a work of art fit to be displayed in a showroom.

  1. Contains Non-Toxic Particles

Unlike most other compounds, this one is designed to be the safest for applying on an automobile’s paint. Working better than polishes, which contain harsh abrasives only without causing any harm to the body of a car.

  1. Works on Most Paint Categories

This specially formulated car polish has been tested and approved for every paint type.

  1. Is Fast Acting

Talk about quick results, Meguair’s begins working as soon as it’s applied to the body of a car.

  1. Restores Paint Coating

Successfully works at restoring a paint’s colour coating close to its original application

  1. Effectively Removes Water Stains

It can be quite frustrating to try and remove water spots and stains, but Meguair’s G17216 Ultimate Compound allows you to effortlessly take them away.

Effortless Application

Thanks to its effortless application formula, Meguair’s is especially beneficial to those who are suffering from chronic pain. You don’t need to do any hardcore scrubbing, therefore saving your body from hurting later on down the road. Simply apply it to small sections of paint and reapply additional coats as you see fit. However, keep in mind that this compound dries rather quickly and works better with more than one application. When applying by hand, it’s recommended to use a foam applicator so the polish gets deep into the paint.

Easy to Remove

The G17216 is not supposed to be left on a car until it completely dries, once applied you should begin to wipe it off while polish is still wet. This will save you from using elbow grease trying to remove the dried up compound. Using a soft cloth, lightly rub Meguair’s off of paint surface and buff it off.

In Conclusion

Meguair’s G17216 Ultimate Compound Car Polish is the perfect product for restoring your car’s paint, which is easy to apply without causing any damage. It has been safety tested and is approved by most professional detailing companies and continues to receive 5 star reviews.

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