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Are you looking for a reliable car parts retailer for the UK and Ireland? There are a growing number on the Internet, but it’s not easy finding one you can depend on a regular basis. With Micksgarage reviews being positive, you’re probably tempted to try it, but should you?

Micksgarage was founded in 2003 and since that time, the name has become associated with quality products and services. A lot of car owners have been using it, but is it as good as advertised? That’s what this review is for.

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What Products and Services Do They Offer?

The service covers the whole range and they are divided into the following: car parts, accessories, car care, car tools, car travel and leisure accessories and  Micksgarage tyres.

Each of these categories has sub categories which feature more items. If you click Car Parts you’ll see menus for service parts (Micksgarage oil filters, engine oil, spark plugs etc.), brake parts, transmission, wheel drive, exhaust and so on. If you click Car Accessories you’ll be able to browse interior and exterior accessories, in car electronics etc.

Here is a more detailed look at some of the car parts you can buy from the site:

  • Service Parts: engine oil, bulbs, lubricants, glow plugs, oil and air filters
  • Brake Parts: includes cables, hoses, ABS sensors, pads and discs
  • Lamps, wipers, mirrors and related components
  • Engine parts including anti rollbar, suspension links and ball joints
  • Wheel drive and transmission parts
  • Exhaust components: includes catalytic components, EGR valves, and DPF mounting kits

If you’re into DIY you can order any of the specialty tools along with their Micksgarage car parts. Just like the car parts the list is extensive and we won’t be able to state everything here. Everything from hand tools, body paint, workshop equipment as well as books and manuals are available here.

This is just an overview of the services you will find on the website, and the emphasis of the service is to make your life easier as a car owner. All you have to do is order the parts and it will be delivered.

All the car parts sold on the website are of the highest quality. Each one is brand new except for the alternators and brake calipers which have been refurbished professionally. Some of the parts they sell are painted or primed, and there are specific car paints available.

In addition to the OE parts, the company also sells high quality spurious components.  We should point out however, the website does not offer components or accessories for left hand drive vehicles and imports.

How Easy is the Service to Use?

As wide as the selection is, the service is easy to use. Just go to the Micksgarage parts page and enter your car’s make, base model, model and engine. Using this approach the site displays only the relevant Micksgarage wind deflectors or whatever part you’re looking for.

Another way is to simply input the car part in the search box. If you have the OE (original equipment) number for that roof bar, type it in the search box and the website returns the relevant Micksgarage roof bars. Because their database is so extensive there is a good chance whatever it is you’re looking for is right here.

Bottom line: their service is very easy to use. The business is entirely online so there’s no need to visit a store to place your order. Everything is literally point and click so you can have those parts delivered without leaving your home.

The service usually goes without a hitch, but if there are issues it’s easy to get in touch with their customer support (something we will touch upon in the customer reviews section later).

The easiest way to get the Micksgarage quality products combined with a reliable service is to order through Amazon.

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What is the Price Range? – Micksgarage Voucher & Discount Code

Micksgarage discount code and discounts are frequent on the site. If you use their Micksgarage voucher, you won’t pay as much compared to those on competitor websites.

For instance their 205/55VR16 Nereus NS601 tyre is only €39.95, whereas with other companies you have to pay around €60 or so. With a Micksgarage voucher code you also get savings on engine oil seat covers, flywheels and other parts. Their Micksgarage codes also entitle you to discounts for their best sellers like the Castrol GTX 10w40 A3/B4 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil. 4 Litre and the Micksgarage Branded Microfibre Cloth.

The offers change over time, but it’s not unusual to get savings of up to 70% on wiper blades, filters, ignition coils, Micksgarage car seat covers and more. There are a lot of car parts retailers servicing the UK and Ireland, but we find this to be one of the most affordable and efficient. Compared to other websites, the prices here are often at least 20% lower or more. This translates to significant savings, and couple that with the efficient service and you’ve got a winner.

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Privacy and Security

If you have never purchased car parts online before, two of your concerns will be security and privacy. Based on our reviews, the company takes every precaution to ensure all your personal and financial details remain private.

The website also uses the latest 128 bit XML encryption technology to prevent hackers from getting into your personal details. The company is well aware of the possibility of credit card theft and identity theft so aside from using encryption technology, the website also verifies with your bank the details of your credit and debit card.

Payment Options – Micksgarage Promo Code

Buying auto parts and accessories online is straightforward. Just go to the website and place your order and the website accepts payments from One4all Cards, MasterCard, Visa, Solo, Visa Electron and Visa Debit. You can also pay via PayPal but you cannot use the Micksgarage promo code for it. All of their automotive parts have a one year limited warranty.

Delivery, Shipping and Return Policy

During our review we also wanted to check the Micksgarage car parts & accessories guarantee and return policy.

Orders ship quickly, in line with the company’s same day shipping policy. Testament to the company’s reliability is they use Royal Mail and An Post, both well-known and respected couriers. When you place an order before 4 PM, the item will be delivered the following day or in two working days.

For this reason if you decide to cancel your order you have to contact them immediately. There are very few instances of anyone requesting cancellation, but the process is easy to follow.

All you need to do is get in touch with their customer care team and they’ll take care of the matter. We have tried more than a few of these services before and the replacement process has never been easy. But here it is straightforward with lots of information on the website.  The company also uses specialist couriers in Ireland when shipping delicate items, which is another indication of the company’s commitment to quality.

The convenience doesn’t end there. If you’d rather collect the item in person just call the company during office hours (9 to 5:30 PM, 7 days a week) and tell them you want to personally collect the item. Wait for them to send you a text stating your order is now available, then you can go to the company office at Unit 50, Park West Rd, Park West Industrial Park, Dublin 12.

The retailer offers a 30 day no hassle return policy, starting from the receipt date. And on our assessment the company doesn’t get a lot of requests for product returns. But in the few instances that it is required the process has been straightforward.


  • Site offers plenty of Micksgarage discount options
  • Easy to use service
  • Website is reliable
  • Wide range of car parts to choose from
  • Carries products from known brands


  • First time users may find the sheer number of options overwhelming
  • Unless specifically stated, does not offer parts for imported and left handed cars

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What Customers are Saying

Reviews for Micksgarage co UK have been mostly positive. Dermot Keenan says in his review this car parts accessories online service is top notch, and that his order arrived on time with significant savings.

Alfred Wilson also had nothing but positive things to say about the company. He ordered Micksgarage seat covers and was very satisfied with the service.

These are just a couple of the reviews about the company that have been posted online. Products are usually delivered without any problems, but on the instances that there have been, the company has been very responsive.

A lot of the reviews also have spoken positively about the Micksgarage voucher codes that have resulted in significant savings. The Micksgarage contact and customer service have also gotten high marks for being courteous and responsive.

Some reviews speak of brilliant quality with intermittent service on the website. With the products now available through Amazon you can have everything in one place.

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Conclusion – Should You Buy From It?

Car parts and accessories online are commonplace now, but it’s not easy finding an affordable retailer that actually delivers. But as we have shown here, Micksgarage UK is the UK and Ireland care parts retailer you can depend on. They’re affordable, have good customer service and product selection is diverse so it’s really your one-stop shop for your car. Even better, now they are selling through Amazon meaning you can rest assured you will receive the high quality service Amazon always delivers and if you have an Amazon prime account then use this for your delivery! Win- win.

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