Nu Finish Car Polish Review

Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish Review


Initial Thoughts

You can wash your car anywhere even without water with this #1 rated car polish
  • No Wax In This Product
  • Offers Protection and Durability
  • Provides Gloss Improvement


  • Apply Once A Year And Forget About It
  • No Heavy Rubbing, No Heavy Buffing Formula And Can Be Applied In Direct Sunlight
  • Can Also Be Used To Protect: Fiberglass Boats, Airplanes And Motorcycles, As Well As Various Household Items


  • You Need To Apply Liquid Oxidation Remover Before Applying This Product To An Old Car

Overall Rating

Country: United Kingdom
Model: NF-76
Item Weight: 227g
Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.1 x 21 cm
Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish Review Reviews

Do you intend to buy a car polish? If yes, then definitely you are at the right place.

Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish is one of the top rated car polish that are known for exceptional results. It gives maximum protection to your car in addition to being durable and improving the gloss finish.

This car polish is very effective due to its wax-free formula. This adds to the ease of application in almost all temperature levels.

This makes it very easy and simple to apply; you only need to apply a small amount of the Nu Finish liquid on a clean car exterior surface with a damp cloth.

You can then let it dry and then you will be free to wipe off. With that, you will be good to go. The good thing with Nu Finish is that it’s application does not require heavy rubbing.

Once applied, you will definitely love its stunning shiny appearance at a glance, along with the protection and the fact it lasts for a relatively longer time compared to other car polish products available in the market.

Additionally, the Nu Finish is loved as it gives an all-weather protection to your car. The car polish can also be freely used on other household items and vehicles. You can use it on your motorcycles, aeroplanes, or even boats.

Impressive features of Nu Finish

  • Durable and known for improving gloss
  • The Car polish can also be used to protect motorcycles, aeroplanes and fibreglass boats
  • Does not require heavy rubbing
  • Can be applied in any weather
  • Has a wax-free formula
  • Available in both soft paste and liquid


Nu Finish Car polish is one of the best if not the best car polish in the market today. It is durable and gives an impressive gloss improvement.

It easy to apply and gives an attractive shiny appearance after application. Generally it’s a great buy.

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