Pioneer TS-A1333I Review

Pioneer TS-A1333I

Pioneer TS-A1333I

Initial Thoughts

High quality car speakers that will transform your cars sound
  • 3 Way Speakers
  • Sold In A Pair
  • Great Quality


  • Punching Bass
  • Great For All Your Needs
  • Fantastic Mid-Range Sound


  • Connectors Can Be Flimsy

Overall Rating

Established: Sept 13
Country: United Kingdom
Support: 1 Year Warranty
Maufacturer: Pioneer
Model Number : TS-A1333I
Max Output : 300W
Frequency Response: 49Hz - 31kHz
Pioneer TS-A1333I Reviews

The TS-A333i is an upgrade of the previous pioneer speakers. If you want to tap the full potential of your car audio set up, you should go for the TS-A speakers. The speaker has a cone that will ensure you get punching bass. It will also improve the mid range frequency response.

In addition, the speakers have a smooth and open design. The design means you get a wider and open sound staging. The material that makes the speaker is extremely light. The light material ensures that there is high quality sound that transmits very fast. This offers a smooth transition between the tweeter and mid-bass.

The sound is accurate and it has a full-bodied bass. Thse speakers offer you more nominal power handling that is important and gives you better reliability. There has been an upgrade made on the speakers. It does not use the internal crossover but instead uses the external ones. These means that there is more space to utilize components that are inside the crossover itself. The price of the speakers does not change even with the enhanced features.

These speakers promise to give full-bodied, rock solid performance. The sound quality is upgraded and the performance has improved greatly. The sound is powerful with pumping bass. It has steel nets that enhance the tough looks and a resin grill that is heatproof.

You will enjoy deep bass with a wide sound dispersion. This is possible because of the mica matrix cone.

The pioneer sound concept offers smooth transition and open staging. This offers the best experience of any in-car sound.



How to install the pioneer TS-A333i

By installing these new speakers to your car, you get great and cost effective improvement to the audio system of your vehicle. The speakers are easy to install and you get to use equipment that you already have. You will save a lot of effort and time using the wiring harness and the free brackets. These are included when you purchase your speaker.

What you will need for the installation

Every car has different and specific installation issues. Installation depends on mounting height and depth, speakers’ location and the vehicles factory wiring. The installation for these speakers is straightforward. There will be a master sheet that will have all the instructions and the tools that you need.

You will need the following tools: Screwdrivers[ flat blade, stubby Phillips, magnetic, and Phillips] Torx bits and drivers Drill Allen wrenches Soldering iron Stripper tool Wire cutter Connectors Crimping tool Retaining clip remover Panel removal too.

Once you switch the speakers of your car to the pioneer – A333i you get better and durable speakers. You will immediately realize what you were missing.

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