Scratch and Dent Insurance – Is It Worth It?

Accidentally scratching your car is one of the most frustrating and head-scratching things that can happen to you as a motorist. You could have accidentally scratched your car’s body with your key, or another object. Or you may have caused a dent on it because you were simply careless in parking. Car dent and scratch repair can cost you a lot especially if you’re driving a new model. Thus it’s nice to have some peace of mind knowing that you can get yourself protected during times of unexpected expenses, right? So the question is—should you get scratch and dent insurance?

What Is Scratch And Dent Insurance?

Scratch and dent insurance is an insurance policy that protects you against dent and scratch repair costs. It is also called as minor damage insurance and cosmetic car insurance. As long as the damage to the car fits the specifications described under the terms of the policy, this policy will allow your car to be repaired at no cost to you aside from a small policy excess.

It usually covers parts and labor for the repair of a vehicle in the event of accidental damage to the bodywork such as:

  • Car dent and ding removal
  • Paint chips and scratches
  • Scrapes
  • Scuffed bumpers

The size of those imperfections will also be considered. For example, if the chip is larger than 1.5 cm in diameter, or more than 3mm deep, then it is unlikely it would be covered by the car scratch insurance cover.

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What Scratch And Dent Car Insurance Doesn’t Cover

But keep in mind that it doesn’t cover dents and scratches caused by the following:

  • Vandalism— if your car was vandalized by other people, the damage will be covered under your car’s comprehensive coverage. This is due to the fact that comprehensive coverage is typically designed to pay for repairs caused by vandals.
  • Falling branch/tree—if the scratch in your car was caused by falling branches of trees, then you can make a claim on your comprehensive claim.
  • Collision with another car or object—this is usually covered under a collision coverage
  • Minor body damage caused by a road accident
  • Minor body damage due to stickers and vinyl wraps
  • Variation in the color and finish of the pain due to the old age of the vehicle

Why Do You Need Car Scratch and Dent Insurance?

The cost of repairing the above mentioned damages to your car’s body could become expensive over time. You may argue that you can claim for the repair and labour on your standard motor insurance, but the downside is that you will lose your no claims bonus.

This is where dents and scratches insurance policy can come in. With it, you don’t have to lose your no-claims bonus.  Plus, it gives you the opportunity to maintain the good condition of your car’s bodywork without having to deal with untimely expenses.

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Is It Worth It?

It’s really up to you. If you are the type of car owner who isn’t bothered by the sight of scratch and dent on your car’s body, then you might not need this type of insurance at all.

But if you’re the kind of motorist who hates seeing scratches and dents on your vehicle, then this is a type of car insurance that you will likely appreciate. After all, you should realise that the cost of dents isn’t that cheap at all. In the UK, the average cost of filling and spraying multiple dents is £150.

You’ll also find scratch and dent insurance UK worth it if you plan to sell your car down the road. Naturally, you want to make your vehicle as attractive as possible if you want to get the best offer for it.

For those who have purchased this type of insurance, it’s very much worth every penny. Aside from the peace of mind it gives them, it is also very convenient.  Instead of leaving their cars at the garage to be fixed for a few days, they get to have their vehicles fixed right at their home by a mobile repair unit.

What to Consider When Choosing a Scratch and Dent Insurance Provider?

You might be convinced that you need a car scratch insurance, but that doesn’t mean that you will just purchase from the first insurance provider that you come across with.

There are several things that you have to look for such as:

  • Claim limit—most scratch insurance providers offer 3 claims in 12 months.
  • Duration of cover— you can choose from 12, 24, or 36 months.
  • Free transfer— some providers offer this option. In case you sell your vehicle before the policy ends, and you made no claims, you can have it refunded. Or you can carry the balance of the policy against the cost of a new car insurance policy.
  • Cancellation rights

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Where is Best to Buy Scratch and Dent Insurance?

The Internet is still the best place to buy scratch repair car insurance. You can easily request and compare quotes from scratch insurance companies online. You can also clarify specifics of car dent and scratch insurance policies sold by insurers online.  Aside from the websites of car insurers, you can also go to third-party websites where you can compare quotes of various insurers offering scratch car repair insurance.

Buying scratch and dent insurance is similar to shopping for any kind of insurance. To get the best deal, you should request for quotes from multiple insurance companies.  Compare quotes according to the length of the coverage. Aside from the pricing, you must also compare the features of the policy.

The bottom line is car scratch and dent insurance can help you save in the long run, as you will be able to repair car scratches without having to pay exorbitant fees. You can repair scratches on car immediately without having to bring your vehicle to a local auto body repair shop. And you can maintain the good looks and preserve the value of your vehicle in the long run.

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